Extra-Virgin Olive Oil in Italian cooking

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is they keystone of the Mediterranean diet. So from a health point of view it would be a good idea to use it daily. Many European countries, where olive oil was unknown until a few years ago, are now making increasing use of it in place of animal fats.

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is used with a very great number of traditional Italian dishes. It highlights flavours, and this is why it should be chosen with care. The goodness of an Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is fundamental to good cookery. This is well known to those restaurateurs who aim at haute cuisine.

The choice of raw materials is so important that it very often lies at the heart of discussions in the greatest kitchens. The availability of optimal products gives great possibilities of rediscovering the perfumes and flavours typical of a territory. It is furthermore a stimulus to the continual creation of new dishes and combinations.

In the near future there will an increasingly closer link between producers and end users.

In the hope that each one of you will create a little “Taste Workshop” in your homes, we invite you to take inspiration from the recipes of these great Chefs.